Shelf is proud to present an all-new, "silent" all-ages graphic novel series … Yam and his fun-loving friends live on the remote tropical island of Leche de la Luna, and are always getting mixed up in surreal adventures. Whether it's encountering cupcakes that spring to life, befriending potted flowers, or exploring the mysterious ruins on the island, this small boy in his hooded, footy pajamas always ends up having a blast with his friends. The debut graphic novel, simply titled YAM, is anchored by the full-length story "Toy with My Dreams," in which Yam develops a crush on a girl much too old for him, but ends up being able to communicate with her in his dreams. The graphic novel also contains a full-color section and several short stories which have seen print in Nickelodeon Magazine. Sure to be a real treat for anyone who's a fan of OWLY or KORGI.

YAM: Bite- Sized Chunks Book

SKU: YAMBiteSizeBook
  • 88-Page Graphic Novel with a full-color section, 6 1/2" x 9".

Concept Art, Animation, & Character Design
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